What’s New in 1.6

IScorE 1.6 contains many bug fixes and several new features.

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade Iscore:

  1. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory.
  2. Update packages by running python setup.py develop.
  3. Update the database by running iscore-manage migrate from your installation directory.
  4. Update the static files by running iscore-manage collectstatic from your installation directory.

Major Changes

  • You can no longer edit usability checks after the first score has been submitted.
  • Service Accounts to interact with the API.
  • You may now use the iscore-manage command instead of running manage.py directly.
  • Any user submitted text will now be rendered as Markdown.
  • Added many new API endpoints.
  • Team Specific Info can now be released at a specified time.
  • Team Specific Info can now be hidden from Blue Teams while still being accessible by Green Team.
  • Anomalies show who is grading them.
  • Flags marked missing by red team members will send a notification to white team, who can then confirm or reject the capture.
  • There is now a Grading Queue.
  • Community Service has been deprecated.

Minor Changes

  • Improved navigation in Competition Settings.
  • Removed redundant Service Scanner Settings tab in the admin area.
  • Improved penalty workflow.
  • You may now bulk-delete teams.
  • Removed and replaced deprecated functionality.
  • The Manifest Linter will now display the timeline of events in the manifest.
  • Added a beta version of Vulnerability Tracking.
  • Teams can now be disabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Unicode support.
  • Team Info Pools will not use items that have not been released.
  • Teams can no longer have the same team number.
  • The Green Team’s list of Team Specific Info is now ordered by team number.
  • CTF anomalies no longer affect the total anomaly score until they are released.
  • Better error messages when various things have duplicate names.
  • No longer allow negative scores outside of penalties.
  • Anomalies, Intrusion Reports, and Documentation can no longer expire before they have been released.
  • Many formatting fixes.