What’s New in 2.0

IScorE 2.0 contains many bug fixes and several new features.

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade IScorE:

1. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory. 1. Update packages by running python setup.py develop. 1. Update the database by running iscore-manage migrate from your installation directory. 1. Update the static files by running iscore-manage collectstatic from your installation directory. 1. Ensure that redis is installed 1. Create supervisor files for celery and celery beat

Major Changes

  • New service scanner backend
    • Will terminate service scans that take too long
  • New service scanner administration screens
  • Add ability to rearrange services after creation
  • Added On-demand service scans before the attack phase
  • Upgrade to Django 1.11
  • Changed the default logo
  • Added ability to rearrange services after creation
  • Database, MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and CIMORE service checks will be removed in IScorE 2.1
  • Redis is now required due to the new service scanner

Minor Changes

  • Add the ability to change login domain
  • Add the ability to mark team-specific categories as shared
  • Many performance improvements
  • Required task anomalies are automatically submitted
  • Allow the use of a random number in the URL of a service
  • Improvements to green team usability grading
  • Added ability to disable changing of team information
  • Added submission time to blue docs submission page
  • Added ability to rearrange services after creation
  • Added ability to run a custom command with sudo on SSH check
  • Added new HTTP Form check to allow checking for submitting of forms

Bug Fixes

  • Improved checking for capturing all flags
  • Fixed anomaly edit and date picker issue