Built-In Service Checks


This service type will query the team’s DNS server for a record matching the service’s url. The check uses the following command:

dig <dns_server> +nocmd +short +noidentif +nocomments +nostats +time=5 <service_url>


A multi-protocol check for databases. Supports MySQL, MS SQL, and Psql. The protocol is chosen based on the appropriate port numbers.

This check requires credentials.


This is a multi-protocol check that will use FTP or SFTP depending on the port number.

This check requires credentials.


This service type will check, in the following order:

  • FTPS
  • FTP

If FTPS fails, it will fallback to FTP.

This check requires credentials.


Checks that an HTTP server is up.

If “HTTP String Check” is provided, this check will fail if the given string does not exist in the server’s response.

This check will send HTTP basic auth headers if credentials are given, but they are not required.


This service type checks that an SSH server is up and that the supplied credentials are allowed to log in. Upon connecting the check will attempt to run the command specified in the Django setting SSH_COMMAND.

This check requires credentials.

Port Check

Simply checks that a port is open and listening.

Other Checks

  • SMTP
  • SFTP
  • Remote Desktop Protocol
  • Psql
  • POP3
  • MySQL
  • MS SQL
  • LDAP
  • IMAP