ISERink Hardware/Software Requirements

ISERink consists of several different virtual machines working together to create the playground. The core of ISERink ESXi server. The Blue, Red, and Green team systems are connected to the ISERink via physical network interfaces.

Hardware Requirements

  • Machine capable of running VMware ESXi 5.5 or higher with:
    • 6 network cards
      • 6 NICs are required for the suggested configuration. However, it is
        possible to use fewer NICs (minimum 1), and instead configure VLANs to create a working setup. The networking configuration will heavily differ in this case, and the instructions may need to be adapted to your particular scenario.
    • 300 GB of disk space (minimum)
    • 24 GB of memory (minimum)
    • Dual quad core processors (recommended)
  • Equipment to support the teams (Blue, Red, Green, and White). These can be virtual machines using a hypervisor, physical machines, or a combination of both.

Software Requirements:

  • VMware ESXi 5.5 or higher
  • ISERink VMs
  • A PC running Windows 7 or newer to manage the ESXi server
  • A Microsoft Windows Active Directory server (for IScorE)