Testing ISERink

There are several simple steps that test the basic functionality of ISERink. If any of these tests fail, you should use the support on the ISERink website. The goals of the testing are to check:

  • connectivity across the Competition Network
  • test the connectivity of ISERink to the Internet
  • test IScorE
  • test ISEAGE management

Internal Connectivity

The goal of these tests is to see if ISEAGE can route traffic. These tests will be run from Keyhole1 and will ping all of the gateways for the 45 subnets. To run this test, you will need to bring up the console window on the virtual machine Keyhole1. From the console window, you will need to log in to Keyhole1 as root with the password iseage. Once you have logged in, you will run the following command:

sh /home/tests/ISERink-router-test.sh | less

You will see a printout similar to the one shown in Fig. 76. There should be 15 routers for each board reporting back as alive.


Fig. 76 Testing internal connectivity

External Connectivity

The goal of this test is to test if Keyhole2 can access the Internet and if the proxy servers work. If you bring up the console window for Green-KALI, you can log in (user = root, password = iseage) and run Iceweasel; the preinstalled web browser [1].

[1]Iceweasel may be substituted with Firefox in newer versions.

IScorE Testing

The goal is to see if the IScorE web service is running. You should be able to access the website from outside ISERink and from Green-KALI using the FQDN you picked for IScorE.

ISEAGE Management

The goal is see if the ISEAGE web service is running. If you point your browser to the outside IP address of Snowbank, you should see a web page with the ISEAGE logo on it.