Upgrade InstructionsΒΆ

  1. Download IScorE 1.5

    Download iscore-1.5.tar.gz from ISEChest. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory.

  2. Update dependencies

    IScorE now requires libjpdeg-dev, you can install it by running apt-get install libjpeg-dev.

    To update the python dependencies, run pip install -r requirements.txt from the directory IScorE is installed in.

  3. Update the database

    Due to the removal of outdated depdencies, IScorE 1.5 will require a fresh database. Simply dropping the IScorE database and re-creating it will suffice. Run python manage.py migrate to initialize the database.

  4. Restart Services

    Finally, you can simply run supervisorctl restart iscore scheduler to restart IScorE and the Service Scanner. You are now running IScorE 1.5.