What’s New in 1.5

IScorE 1.5 contains many bug fixes and several new features.

Upgrade Notes

Due to updates in Pillow which IScorE depends on, libjpeg-dev is now required.

To upgrade Iscore:

  1. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory.
  2. Update packages by running pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt.
  3. Update the database by running python manage.py migrate from your installation directory.

Major Changes

  • Updated to Django 1.8
  • Improved Green Team anomaly view
  • IP Range management features now work
  • IP Ranges can be added in bulk
  • Admins can now mass edit scores in God Mode
  • White team can now override anomaly expiration on a per team basis
  • Sponsor images can now be managed in the admin area
  • Team Specific Info can now specify a username for the service scanner to use
  • The service scanner can now use pools of Team Specific Info for credentials
  • All blue teams documentation/report uploads are now required to be PDF
  • PDF submissions are now rendered on the grading page
  • Anomaly types and auto-graded anomalies
  • It is now possible to edit usability check lists
  • Service Scanner can now optionally Hop IP Addresses

Minor Changes

  • Upgrade Dependencies
  • Anomaly and Documentation views now display the name of the grader
  • Penalties can now be edited
  • White Team/Admins can now edit/remove comments on submissions
  • The command used for SSH checks can now be changed in competition settings
  • Additional Team Specific Info generation options

Bug Fixes

  • Blue teams can no longer change team names during competition
  • Group membership changes in AD are now reflected in IScorE
  • Services can no longer have the same name
  • Deleting IP ranges no longer deletes the associated team
  • The “View Messages” screen no longer has placeholder text
  • Giving a team a penalty now validates the penalty score
  • When a service fails to save due to an individual team, the entire service object is deleted
  • Anomaly submissions times are now updated on subsequent submissions