Upgrade Instructions

  1. Download IScorE 1.7.0

    Download iscore-1.7.0.tar.gz from ISEChest.

    Extract the new files to your installation directory.

  2. Update configuration

    Add root /path/to/iscore; to the location ^~ /static/ block in your nginx configuration.

  3. Install IScorE

    Run sudo python setup.py install.

  4. Update dependencies

    To update the python dependencies, run sudo pip install -r requirements.txt from the directory IScorE is installed in.

  5. Update the database

    Run python manage.py migrate to update the database.

  6. Restart Services

    Finally, you can simply run supervisorctl restart iscore scheduler to restart IScorE and the Service Scanner. You are now running IScorE 1.7.0.