What’s New in 1.7

IScorE 1.7 contains many bug fixes and several new features.

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade Iscore:

  1. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory.
  2. Update packages by running python setup.py develop.
  3. Update the database by running iscore-manage migrate from your installation directory.
  4. Update the static files by running iscore-manage collectstatic from your installation directory.

Major Changes

  • Blue teams may now view a “Red Team Summary” when the Red Wiki is globally accessible.
  • Rewrote the notification/message system.
  • Added (optional) push notifications, you will need to install libffi-dev to use this feature.
  • Added task anomalies: Anomalies that do not have a corresponding submission.
  • Improved accessibility for color blindness
  • Removed Community Service

Minor Changes

  • Improved grading of intrusion reports
  • Improved red evaluation screen
  • Importing from git and zip files now give better errors
  • Added Flag Lookup for Read Team
  • Allow opening of team score reports in new tabs from the scoreboard
  • Added a skip button on the Mass Add IPs Step on the Competition Reset Wizard
  • Added browser support policy

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed trailing backslash in flag name breaks “Flag Statistics” display
  • Failing validations on new flag page results in a usable form
  • Fixed times on Score trend and flags lost over time to show the correct time
  • When editing a Usability Checklist item the radio button now is selected.
  • Fixed editing Usability Check Item
  • Fixed A scored, but empty usability check throws a divide by zero error
  • Clearing a submission removes the submission
  • Fixed isseus with Unicode and exporting
  • Various formatting improvements