Team Info Pools

It is possible to put Team Specific Info into groups called “Team Info Pools”. These pools can then be used by the service scanner to randomize the credentials used for any given check.


The service scanner picks credentials from the pool at random for each check and each team. It does not use the same set of credentials for every team in any given check.

Add Pool

  1. Click on “Admin Area” > “Teams” > “Team Specific Info”. A page like the one below will appear.

  2. Click on “Add Team Info Pool”. A form like the one below will appear.

  3. Select which Team Specific Info Categories will belong to this pool. Hold Control to select multiple items.

  4. Click the blue “Submit” button to create the pool.

Assigning a Pool to a Service Check

  1. While editing or creating a new service check as described in Services, select the desired pool from the “Team-Specific Password Pool” drop-down in the “Credentials” section, shown below.

  2. The service scanner will now use the specified pool for that check.