In order to better integrate with external applications and make some administrative tasks easier, IScorE has a JSON API. The browsable API can be found at /api/v1. The API uses Token authentication to protect the private portions of the API. Tokens can be obtained through the API Access portion of the User Management section.

Alternatively, you may use the python shell (python shell) to create a token for a user. To create a token from the shell, do the following:

>>> from django.contrib.auth.models import User
>>> from rest_framework.authtoken.models import Token
>>> user = User.objects.get(username='<username desiring token>')
>>> token = Token.objects.create(user=user)
>>> print token.key

When making authenticated calls to the API, send an Authorization header with your token. For example:

Authorization: Token <TOKEN_HERE>

You can find the detailed API docs at /api/docs. The documentation will only show you the endpoints you are allowed to use. So to see the full documentation you will need to sign in as an admin.