What’s New in 2.1

IScorE 2.1 contains many bug fixes and several new features.

Upgrade Notes

To upgrade IScorE:

1. Copy or extract the new files to your existing installation directory. 1. Update packages by running python setup.py develop. 1. Update the database by running iscore-manage migrate from your installation directory. 1. Update the static files by running iscore-manage collectstatic from your installation directory.

Major Changes

  • ADDED: Ability to delete users
  • ADDED: Service scanner will hop to a new IP on after every scan
  • ADDED: auto-graded Hiring and Fire Anomaly Types
  • UPGRADE: To Python 3
  • UPGRADE: To Django Rest Framework 3.8
  • ADDED: API Docs to /api/docs
  • REMOVED: API Docs from docs.iseage.org
  • ADDED: Ability to customize White Doc, Green Doc, and Reports Rubrics
  • IMPROVE: Rubric grading experience
  • REMOVED: AP Scheduler
  • ADDED: Repeating tasks to Celery
  • REMOVED: Databae service checks
  • UPGRADED: Interface to Bootstrap 3
  • UPGRADED: Other front-end dependencies
  • ADDED: A link to TSI page in the admin area side bar
  • ADDED: Ability to hide TSI from Green Team
  • MOVED: Blue team specific information page is now in the blue side-bar
  • ADDED: A master score release page
  • ADDED: All team specific users are now added to the “All” team specific user pool
  • ADDED: Many performance improvements

Minor Changes

  • ENHANCED: Start up experience for developers
  • ADDED: Ability for white team allow resubmissions of documentation
  • CHANGED: Label for green team usability check is a paragraph
  • ADDED: Sticky team number column on green team specific information page
  • ENHANCED: Improved ease on creating anomalies
  • ENHANCED: Added noted for hiding of team specific information from blue teams and green team
  • ENHANCED: Reduced the size of the service status API call
  • ENHANCED: Made the blue anomaly buttons more colorful

Bug Fixes

  • Disallow CNAME Looping
  • Fix issues with Unicode in DNS name
  • Allow for CNAME/A and TXT records for the same name
  • Automatically set application server key for push notifications
  • Fix issue with red team wiki
  • Removed White team button to delete comments, didn’t work before
  • End date of competition is now validated to be after the competition start Date
  • Fixed issues with some API ends throwing a 500 if the user doesn’t have permission
  • Fixed issue with team name form and database length matching
  • Made ordering to TSI items consistent across all TSI views
  • Required, Unreleased anomalies are showing up in the team’s completed anomaly count
  • Deleting teams now works
  • Made Flag API Work
  • Made auto-create of penalty types on the penalty page work again
  • Made Mass scans actually work for the first time
  • Deleting Team Specific Information pools works again
  • Capped, Down services no longer get points