Logged Events

IScorE logs some of it’s internal events to aid in analysis of Competition data. Logs of flag events are kept in the event.log file. This file is configurable through the standard Django LOGGING setting. The name of the IScorE event logger is

Published Events

New in version 1.5.


This feature requires a Redis server

If desired, IScorE can be configured to publish certain events to a Redis PubSub channel. This is an optional feature that is disabled by default. It is the official way for external applications to react to events within IScorE.


PUBLISH_EVENTS (default False)
If True, IScorE will publish events to Redis.
REDIS_URL (default None)
When PUBLISH_EVENTS is True, IScorE will connect to Redis at this url to publish events.
EVENT_CHANNEL (default iscore)
The name of the Redis PubSub channel IScorE will push events to.


All events are JSON objects with an event key containing the type of event. The event may also contain additional data specific to the type of event. IScorE will publish the following events:

Sent when Red Team Captures a flag. Contains the name of the flag and the team number.
Sent when Red Team Plants a flag. Contains the name of the flag and the team number.


The following functions can be used to send events from IScorE (useful for External Service Checks)


If PUBLISH_EVENTS is true, this function will send the given event to a redis PUBSUB channel defined by EVENT_CHANNEL.

Parameters:event (dict) – The event to be sent, will be json serialized